Thursday, February 12, 2009

Win Kids Valentine's Party

This past Wednesday our PTA group visited Win Kids. The kiddos had a great time jumping, running, and going crazy. Pizza was ordered, the kids ate, and playing was resumed. We are going through a little bit of mommy separation anxiety so it took a little time for him to get warmed up to the idea of running and playing by himself, but he did!!!! He good buddies Hayden (Haydi, is was Connor calls him) and Ryan were there, he loves chasing them around.

He was a sweaty mess...but he loved being bounced, falling down, and playing hard.

Connor and Hayden EATING again. This seems to be the only way for them to sit still long enough to get their picture together.

"Help I can't get out!!!"

Bounce, bounce, and more bouncing.

He really did have a great time, I think he loves having his picture made as much as his daddy does. By the end of the play session, we had stripped the pants (check out those rosy red cheeks). He was a sweaty mess!!! He fell asleep as soon as his sweet head hit the car seat.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working Hard

This past weekend James, Connor, and I met Mom, Dad, and Uncle Bubba at the farm. Dad is trying to get all the electricity installed so the contractors can finish dry walling and plumbing. So needless to say we were recruited. Mom took over watching Connor and making sure he didn't get hurt, while dad used James, Eric and I as laborers. Here are a few pictures of our time at the farm.

Sweet Connor playing in the dirt.

He was runnig to show Papa what happened to his hand when he fell down.

Look I can work...when I want to.

Taking a break to have a quick snack.

Check out my pants..."I have been working hard."
One of our Valentine parties was today, look for more pictures to come. Have a great day.