Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ian Tate Kelly

We FINALLY have a name!!! Ian is such a sweet blessing to our family we are totally and completely in love with him. Connor is doing great, he is being an awesome BIG brother. The second time around I feel great. I knew what to expect from delivery and recovery but didn't know that labor was going to go so quick (4 hrs from start to finish! YEA) Ian arrived at 12:20 pm on July 27th he weighed 7 pounds and 9 oz (Connor was 6lbs 11oz.) and was 20 in. long (Connor 21 1/2 in). When Ian was born he looked exactly like Connor with lots of dark black hair and blue eyes.

Mommy and Ian right after birth.

My three boys. It is amazing how God gives love. I never knew that I could love these three sooo much and in so many ways. Thank you James for my boys. Connor you are such a big boy who I love. Ian I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. WOW how the dynamic of our family has changed...

Connor knew that Ian wanted his paci.

My best friend Katy and her sweet daughter Elly. Katy is due any day now. I love you dear friend! Ian ready to go home!

Connor has gone home with Grandma and Papa. I was a bit emotional when they pulled off but I know that he will have a blast with his cousins and this is a great time for me to get to know Ian and spend some time recovering!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almost there...

So our computer has the same virus AGAIN!! Unfortunately that means no pictures for a while. Hopefully we will have it figured out before baby with no name gets here. My dr. apt went great I am on my way to having this baby within the month.

Connor and I have been staying busy. We do a lot of swimming, playing outside, and with friends. One of my good friends and I took three kiddos to Six Flags on Tuesday. Boy was it hot. 36 weeks pregnant and a few extra pounds it was a hot day in DFW!!! The kiddos had a blast and I didn't go into labor so a great time was had by all!!! We are now gearing up for the big birthday party for Connor. He is excited about his "Mickey" party and can't wait to open all his presents (that's what he says anyways).

Funny things Connor has said to us lately:

"Well..." he puts this word in front of every sentence
"I will not do it your way, just leave me alone" -I was trying to work on using scissors
"Maybe not now, mom"
If Connor asks a question and James answers him Connor still wants confirmation from me. I think it's funny!

Have a happy Thursday!