Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter the driveway!

The past few days it has been extremely cold here. As many of you know that have toddlers running around, you know that being "stuck" in the house is difficult! Yesterday the ice began melting and so I decided to take Connor outside. He has not yet gotten attached to a character or show, except Thomas the Train and that is because we got him so much stuff for Christmas. So anyways, along the way he has gotten Lighting McQueen gear also. Yesterday I put it all on him (hat, coat, and rain boots) to go and play outside. He had a fabulous time in the 20 degree weather. Yikes it was cold! He did not care. He slipped in the driveway as he was walking out, found water puddles to splash in , and loved running up and down the sidewalks. Here are a few pictures of our fun, but very cold day.
Splashing in the puddles.
Check out those boots.

splash, splash, splash

Burr it was frigid out.

Ooo, this is when he decided that holding my hand was a good idea. Plus, he couldn't get up by himself.

Enjoy your week!!!TGIF (tomorrow)!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dallas World Aquarium

On Friday one of the moms clubs that I am a member of went on a field trip. We took the kiddos to the Dallas World Aquarium. Another mom and her son rode with Connor and I. We had a blast. Before Connor was born, James and I went together when he was up here for a business trip. We always said that we would love to bring our children here. We got there when the aquarium opened, it was not busy at all. The keepers fed the otters for us, did a demonstration at the Croc tank, and we just enjoyed our time there.

This picture was taken obviously through glass. The manatees are amazing endangered creatures.
My sweet boy having a snack with a shaaaarrrrkkk!!!

Still eating with a rain forest bird. Luckily for me Connor is not yet into wanting to know each animal name and where it lives.

Here is Connor eating again, with Hayden. This is his buddy. They have a funny relationship. Connor is 4 months older than Hayden, but they seem to play great and have fun together.

Another shark....and still EATING. He carried his Snacktrap around the aquarium, and lucky for me he was not interested in feeding the animals. The shark tank was his favorite. He stood and would watch the sharks swim over him, then stand on the ledge and touch the glass as they swam by much fun!
We will have to take Daddy back in a couple of months! It is amazing for me to watch little eyes light up for the first time when they see things. For Connor to say "Mama" and point, or smile and laugh is so much fun! I will cherish these memories.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yea for Connor!!!

Tonight was a momentous night for the Kelly's!!! While Connor was visiting his Nana, Papa, and Bubba over the weekend, James and I went to my favorite store (Target) and bought Connor a "Big Boy" potty! We had previously been sitting him on the toilet with a toddler seat and giving him potty treats, but he has never pottied, but now we have a potty seat on the floor. He loves it!

I sat him on the potty tonight and went into the bedroom to get his Thomas the Train underoos to put on until bath time and while I was gone he TINKLED in the POTTY!!! YEA< YEA< YEA!!! James and I both did a little dance and Connor thought we were CRAZY!!!!

I am not getting my hopes up for potty training anytime soon, but a mother can also HOPE! All you mothers out there, you can understand. We are one step closer to getting out of diapers. In three years when he still is not out of diapers though, please don't say "I told you so." Ha Ha

Have a great week, Oh please pray for a very good friend of mine from high school, Miranda, her baby is due any day now and she is READY!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Last of the Christmas pictures...I promise

Denver City that is! We had a great time getting to spend time with James' family. James', Gran was able to be there, also. Jan, Dayln, and the girls came over and we all made gingerbread pieces together (we never could get the house to stay together). A special treat was that Jenn and Kylar were still in town and so Connor went over to visit Kylar at Aunt Kathie's house. I think that he thinks she looks like his Nana, he couldn't figure it out though. We had a great time watching the boys run around.

Connor and Grandma playing with toys.

Here are Connor and Kayla making thier gingerbread parts. Connor mostly ate the icing. YUCK!

He loves playing with the girls!

Here COMES trouble!!! For those of you who don't know Kylar is 6 months older than Connor! Can you tell that I have a football linebacker as his daddy would say.

This is a great picutre. It shows the kind of relationship that Jennifer and I had growing up. She was always lovey and wanted kisses, and me well...NOPE! Connor takes after his mama can't you tell. I wish that the picture showed more of Kylar trying very hard to KISS Connor. Hope your enjoying your new kicks, Kylar (we miss you)!!!


Christmas at the Farm

Here are a few pictures that were taken at the farm. While we are there, bathing is an option-just like putting on "real" clothes. Connor decided that wearing his rain boots with his pj's was the way to go. We love hanging out at the farm for many reasons, but my favorite...NO CELL PHONES!!!

Connor and daddy down at the tank throwing rocks in the pond.

Bubba is so much fun, Connor thinks he hung the moon.

The need to explore.

Bringing in firewood for Papa to burn in the stove (in pj's)....burrrrr.

Here is Connor's other passion at the farm (driving the old tractor), Nana just wouldn't cooperate in the picture. We love you Nana and Papa.

Connor received another special present that I don't really have a great picture of yet, but I soon will. Nana, Papa, and Bubba got him his very own pony. A Giddy-up-and-go pony, which is about the size of a miniature horse. He has wheels on the hooves, and the more the child bounces up and down the faster the horse "runs". He even makes noises and gallops. I know that there will be pictures in the future. I think the neighbors think that we have a small pony living with us when they see Connor on it riding down the street. It is a sight!!!!!

Here are the pictures...a few days late!

Luckily Connor hasn't figured out the whole getting up early on Christmas morning! James and I still couldn't get ourselves out of bed to "get ready" though. Connor is enjoying the chocolate Santa that he found sticking out of his stocking. Here are all the goodies that Santa left! He was most excited about the BA-LooooooN! (We had bought that the day before at the grocery store, he is so silly.)
Connor was helping me make Santa cookies.

This is one of my favorites...that sweet smile. It amazes me how simple things can make him smile. I love it!!!

HERE is my FAVORITE! My two sleeping angels. Connor crawled right up in the bend of James' legs and fell asleep!
Blogger only lets me add so many pictures, so I will post more pictures of our holiday break soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Normalcy....(is that a word???)

Heck, who even cares if the word Normalcy really exists. I was ready for life to be back to NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a fantastic break, getting to spend time with all our family and friends, but for the sake of my sanity life needs to just be normal again (or whatever that means for us). James and I were talking the other day and Connor has flown around the southern half of the US more that we did combined (i.e. Disney World, trips from LBK to DAL, and NOW WE ARE BOUND FOR MEXICO(cabo, san lucas)!!!!!!). So for Connor life has always been on the go!!!

Pictures will be added after Connor goes to bed tonight!!!!