Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday Connor and I went outside to play in the front yard and there was a package on the door step. I looked at it and saw that it was from E-Bay. It was addressed to James so I thought we would wait to open it until he got home. When he walked in the door and I told him that his package was on the table and he wanted Connor to help him open it.

Here is what was in the package. A Wes Welker New England Patriots jersey. I could see the pride in James' eyes. He put it on Connor and grinned from ear to ear. Connor had no clue, but it made his daddy proud.

Not only do we bleed RED AND BLACK for the Texas Tech Red Raiders we also bleed Blue and Red for the New England Patriots. Not only for Wes Welker but Tom Brady and the rest of the gang. Side Note: The boys in the Kelly family let the women play Fantasy Football this year. I got the number 1 pick and rightfully choose Tom Brady. You know where this is going...needless to say I lost in opening game to my brother due to Tom's absence!!! The Kelly household was SAD!!!

Here is the future Quarterback(linebacker, tight end, or anything else he wants to be) after an AWESOME throw to MOM in the end zone to beat dad and win the game!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

YEA, We love the weather!!!

I don't know how many of you out there know how long the days can be when the sun is beating down about 100 degrees....or....when the rain is coming down so hard you can't even see the sand box in the back yard WITH a 1 YEAR OLD NEEDING to go outside.

We are absolutely loving the weather outside. Connor, Molly, and I spent all day yesterday outside (and this morning). Look he even has on sweatpants. We played in the backyard on the swing set, Connor chased Molly around the yard, and I watched with the biggest motherly SMILE on my face.

This is Molly's baby. She sucks on it and is very protective of it. She does let Connor play catch with it, BUT enough is enough when Molly gets tired of sharing. She gives a short growl and Connor comes running. She is a GREAT dog!!! When James got home the two of them played in the sandbox. Connor wants someone in there with him. He won't stay and play by himself. James loved burring Connor's feet in the sand!!!

After the boys got out to the sandbox I had a treat for Connor. A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE and milk!!!! He has never gotten a WHOLE cookie, much less get to hold it all by himself and eat the ENTIRE cookie.

This is the look of approval with a full belly and a HAPPY HEART!!!

We are looking forward to more beautiful days outside.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A little late...

These pictures were taken at Aunt Kristie and Uncle John's wedding in July. They had a beautiful ceremony at the Spirit Ranch in LBK. It is so difficult to get a "good" family picture. It is like getting a root canal just to get James' picture. I think that these pics are WONDERFUL. They turned out awesome.
Here are the boys!!!
This picture was taken out at Kristi's sisters house. Isn't Connor cute?
Here we are READY to EAT!!!! He was such a trooper. We dressed him in the tux at 3:30 and he got to put on his pjs at 8:00. He did great. He was sleepy and he did sleep in his stroller through the entire reception.

We had so much fun. When I get more pictures of the rest of the family I will post them! Enjoy your week!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go Tech, Go Tech, Go Tech, GO

The Kelly bunch had another exciting weekend. James drove to LBK, while Connor and I flew. He made perfect timing. James pulled up to the airport to pick us up right as we landed. We then drove to DC to spend some time with James' family. Saturday we got up and were all set to head back to LBK for the TECH game and Connor was running a fever. We ended up taking the little guy with us. We had lunch with our great friends Luke and Adrianne. It was so good to see them. We miss them so much. We then headed to Uncle Bubba's to have a short nap and get ready for game day! When we arrived at the game, Connor's eyes where wide and he was taking in all the excitement. We set in the box, so wrestling Connor was a little easier than setting outside. We had a great time. We ended up walking over to our seats and seeing Uncle Bubba, Luke, and Adrianne. I am happy to say the Connor made it until the middle of the 2nd quarter. I thought he did great (considering he was still not feeling well)! James and I have decided that Connor will probably not be joining us for another game until next season! It was a great experience for our family.

Connor just can't wait to go to the game.
We got this look all weekend. I think Connor wasn't sure what was going on. He usually loves having his picture taken.
My boys DEFINITELY bleed RED & BLACK! Yea, I always have a goofy look on my face. Check out the cutie I'm holding. He still fells crummy in this pic.
We had to change into Game Day clothes!!!!
Have a great week!