Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a loooonnngggg month May was

We have been a very busy family getting ready for our trip to Alaska next week, but here are our May pictures.

Connor's last day of DKH.  He learned so much and is very excited about the big K!  I can not believe my baby will be a kindergartner.  Where has time gone?

On our way to Denver City via the farm (this was day 2 of our 10 stay in West Texas)

Ian needed to be just like big bro.  What did we do before DVD players in cars?  Oh, slept, played games, and read books...crazy I know!

Day 3 we BROKE our ARM.  Yep!!!  Both bones in the wrist were fractured.  This has not slowed him down for all of you that just said, awwwww.  He is a very determined little guy and bathing and swimming are about the only things he can't do...very well.  We decided to continue on with our stay and from DC we spent a night in Lubbock with my cousin Jenn and her family.  I took lots of pictures, but none on my phone (which has become the easiest way to blog).  One of these days I will dump all my camera pictures to the computer...one of these days!  From LBK we headed to mom and dads farm in Cross Plains.  We stayed there and relaxed and headed home the following Sunday.  Wow, what a great time, but boy was I glad to be home.

Sweet Connor posing for the camera.

Taking a "bath" in the sink...

Some brotherly snuggling time...the best!

The neighborhood Denise the Menace.

Playing in my clean clothes.

Hope everyone had a great May, hopefully not a eventful as ours.  We leave for Alaska next week.  Hopefully I will come home with lots of great pictures to go with our "Making Memories" trip:0)

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