Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ian Update

I took Ian in for a 6 week check up due to his reflux. The dr. is still not satisfied with Ian's progress on the second type of medicine, Prevacid. We are now doing breathing treatments twice a day to see if we can decrease the swollen nose and esophagus, helping improve his breathing. Then she told me that there could be one or two problems still causing the reflux. The first being a allergy to milk protein, but there aren't enough symptoms YET to show that is the case. The second is my milk might be to thin and Ian is having a difficult time keeping it down. So now we are mixing my milk with a thickener similar to cornstarch for infants. After taking a bottle for the first time (he screamed and cried for about 15 min.) he finally figured it out and took 3 1/2 oz and burped without spitting up!!! YEA!!! After that first bottle now all he takes is about 1 oz and dislikes it VERY much. It seems to be helping tremendously!!! He was eating every hour to hour and a half. The dr. said this was due to all the calories he was burning crying, spitting up, and difficulty breathing! Hopefully now taking a bottle I can get him on a schedule of eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

This is Ian's first breathing treatment. Sorry for the picture, it came from James' phone. Ian doesn't seem to mind, he sleeps through it or his little tongue is just a moving when the machine runs!!Mom and Ian watching the Tech V. SMU game!I know that the one month shirt is a little late (he is 6 weeks) but I just got them in and love them. Next month hopefully he will be sitting up wearing it!
"Bye mommy, I love you!"

"Mom, when are you going to stop taking MY picture?

Have a great weekend:)