Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A full week of Birthday Activites

Last Thursday Connor turned 2. I had an entire week of activities planned for us! We had lots of family and friends over and spent the day celebrating my sweet boys birthday! Monday, Connor and I met some friends at Chuck E. Cheese. I was holding off as long as possible due to the fact that I thought he would love it and always want to go there. He did enjoy himself, but he kept saying "to small, mommy", and "no mouse, please!" He didn't like the Chuck E Mouse. On Tuesday we headed over to a friends house for our regular Tuesday play date. Wednesday I took Connor to his first "real" movie. Mom went with us and we watched "Horton Hears a Who." Connor believe it or not sat through the entire movie. He did get a little anxious towards the end. I know he liked it due to the fact that all week he wanted to go watch a "moooovie." Thursday, was the big day! James and I both sang happy birthday to him, and James even went into work a little late that day. Our friends came over and played in the bounce house that Uncle Bubba bought for Connor. Side note: It is a Little Tikes brand, and Connor loves it. If your wanting something check into it!!! We played in the water, sand, and swing set. It was a great day. That night Connor's grandparents and cousins, Kyla and Kassiday got into town and we went back to Chuck E Cheese and ate pizza and played. Friday we hung out with family went to the Grapevine Mills Mall and was gearing up for Saturday. Saturday, we had family and a few friends over to eat and have birthday cake. My moms 91 year old aunt was able to make it along with many of our relatives. Kylar and Connor were able to play and it was great to spend time with Jenn and Fausto. It was a great week!!!

Getting ready to eat birthday cake. Bubba, Connor, and Kylar jumping.

Connor and his friends at his party on Thursday.

This is the bounce house that Uncle Bubba got for Connor. It blows up in less than a minute and stores great!

This picture was taken last year on his first birthday. Wow, my little man is getting so big.

Now life has slowed down a little bit, we are getting back into our normal routine. Thank you to all our family and friends that came, helped out, and sent warm birthday wishes!!! We love you all.

Due to the number of pictures I have from the parties, I will post some more pictures on Facebook!!!