Friday, December 30, 2011

A few of my favorite things

I would like to say that I took millions of photos this Christmas season and have them all stashed away for photo books to come, but I don't. I totally forgot my camera at every party and when we made the trek to Denver City for the big day! UGH is all I can say for myself...Thankfully my sisters-in-laws got some great shots for those photo books that I hope to do "one of these days", but for the purpose of this blog, YOU get family portraits! I love them. They turned out so great I am in love with these three boys in my life. Thank you Christine Harvey for making memories I can have forever!
Before we got out of the car, each one of them got the "this is important to me" talk. Two of the three cooperated. We take what we can get from Ian. We have since then figured out how to get him to smile on command...BRIBERY!!!
We had a wonderful Christmas/December teaching the boys about Christ and the reason we BELIEVE! Merry Late Christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

What an awesome holiday season this has been. We have really tried to stress the importance of this Christmas season to Connor. We have talked about baby Jesus and the Wise men, the shepherds, to baby Jesus being born in a manger. He is loving reading all the books and singing the songs.

Ian was not to sure about this. Connor wanted to talk to him longer :0)

Friends watching the Nutcracker at the Dallas Children's Theater.

Getting ready for Santa Clause at Casa MaƱana.

Making gingerbread houses.

Just a little brotherly love. These two melt my heart.

Riding the carousel at Bass Pro Shop.

Merry Christmas!!!
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