Monday, February 6, 2012

18 mos old

WOW!  Here is another milestone we hit.  18 months old.  I wish I could make time stand still.  The boys seem to be growing up way to fast.  Ian went to his check up last week and everything looked great.
32 1/2 inches long  60%
23 pounds               20%
head                        50%

The dr. is not to concerned with his weight due to the fact that he eats all the time.  She said  since he is on the go so much and never slows down he needs all the calories he can get.  With that said, he will eat just about anything for me.  I still feed him 4 oz. of milk with baby cereal in the morning along with whatever Connor is having.  He is drinking about 20 oz of milk a day and loves when he gets a special treat...diluted juice.

Ian still loves to climb and often James and I are heard saying, "sit down", "don't climb in that chair", and my favorite, "get off of [insert just about anything]".  His language is expanding daily and has began trying to repeat what we say.  He asks for Con-Con all the time.  His face lights up when Connor gets home from school. 

Playing with brother in the tent.

We couldn't find Ian the other morning and he was laying between the ottomans listening to Phineas and Ferb on the IPAD.  Yes, he turned it on all by himself.  As you can see he was proud of himself!

Silly monkey:0)

Showing off his balancing skills.  The boy loves being outside.

Waiting to get brother and friend from school. 
Another funny place we tend to find laundry baskets.  If the basket is full we usually find all the dirty clothes on the floor.

We love you sweet Ian!
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