Thursday, February 17, 2011

A&M Volleyball and swimming

Last weekend mom, dad, the boys and I met Eric, Michelle, and the girls in College Station so Michelle and I could play in a vball tourney. We had a great time. It was a long day for the kiddos but they did great. The good news is Michelle and I didn't injure ourselves to bad besides the normal sorness and a few brusies. Connor was worn out by the 5th game and ready to go home.
I'm #4! Haven't played since Connor was born. I don't think that I played that bad, just VERY sore. I got to meet some really neat girls (young) and have fun!

Nana and Papa in the hot tube!

Michelle and Ian :0)

Kira, Maci, and Connor enjoying the pool.
It was a fun (short) trip can't wait until next time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

6 months old

Sweet Ian is 6 months old! Wow, he is a super happy baby who, for some reason, doesn't like to sleep. At this very moment James and I are doing the let him "cry it out" method. We are going on day 2 and it seems to be going okay. He has only cried for a few minutes each night. We did this with Connor and now he is a good sleeper as far as getting in his bed and waking in his bed. He has never tried to even crawl into our bed! We are trying to teach Ian to self sooth, by doing this it makes bed time routine so easy!

Ian had his 6 month check up:
17 pounds 50 %
27 inches 75%
head 45%
He has decided that he could care less about solid foods. We thought he would love fruits and he doesn't. He does however like to drink water out of a plastic bottle and he likes to play with a sippy cup. The pedi said since he doesn't take a bottle there is no use in trying anymore, either put it in a sippy or nurse him and go straight to whole milk at age 1. YES, that is 6 more months of having a buddy. I do have to say he is only nursing 4 times a day and eating solids 3 times a day which isn't so bad.

The past few months Connor has become a great big brother. He helps get diapers, entertains, and plays with Ian when needed. Connor can get Ian to laugh when no one else can and Ian laughs at the silliest things. He loves to watch Connor throw things in the air and screech!
Ian can now sit unassisted. This is awesome!!!! I put toys all around him and he plays as long as he can see Connor or I.
He is so good about "going with the flow" of things. He rides in his stroller and loves to people watch.

Best Buddies :0)

Happy 6 months Ian-b0-be-an we love you!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cabin Fever!

This is what being stuck in doors for 4 days looks like...A couple of the days we did stay in our jammies which was AWESOME, but after the 2nd day I was ready to get dressed and get out of this house! I ventured out to Chick-Fil-A one day and the roads were still pretty crummy. I don't think living in Alaska is for ME!!!! Catching snowflakes ;0)
Sitting up like a big boy.

Playing together. Connor is really good about playing beside Ian so he is happy. Ian watches his every move and laughs and everything and anything he does.

Connor and Mommy ice skating.

Connor and Daddy having a snowball fight.
By the way I'M READY FOR SUMMER! Bring on the 100 degree plus days!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ft. Worth Stockyards

A few weekends ago James, Connor, Ian, and I met mom and dad down at the Stockyards. We timed it just right to watch the longhorn "run" the streets. I pictured the cattle coming out of the gates at full my mind it was going to be like the running of the bulls. NOTHING like that. These 15-20 longhorn mossied down the streets like this was their "job". It was fun to watch and see through Connor's eyes...but nothing like the running of the bulls :0)! Waiting on the cattle. It was a beautiful day to spend downtown.
Sweet Ian, smiling as always! Notice I put a leash on Sophie so we don't loose the thing!

Connor wanted his picture made with ______! Sure do wish I could remember the name. I guess that is what a 6 month old will do to you. Ha Ha

Here he is again.

Nana and Connor posing.
After walking down at the Stockyards for about an hour and a half, feeding the animals, and watching the longhorn we ate at COOPER'S! Yum Yum, it sure was good. We got enough food for a family of 12 I think. James and I didn't hesitate to bring it home and we had lunch for Sunday! What a great oppurtunity to spend time as a family and enjoy being outside!