Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few Random Pictures

One day I picked up my camera and took a few shots of pictures of the boys. Ian is the typical little brother. He is into everything, seems to always be in the dog bowls, and bothers BIG brother all the time. Connor can make Ian's name into about 10 syllables, and I know that is when things are fixing to turn from good to bad. Ian puts things in his mouth and that drives Connor crazy. He tears up the train table, climbs the gate to the stairs, and recently has started trying to get out of his bed! Look at the face!

This is his biting face. He loves to chomp. I told James that if Ian went to daycare he would be the bitter.

Smile :0) If you notice the two outside top teeth are coming in before the middle two. BIZARRE!!

Ian loves to play in the kitchen and eat all the pretend food. We have to make sure to keep all little toys out of that area!

Sweet Connor! This is the only picture he would let me take of him. At least he is smiling. He is growing up so fast. I love you boys!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Just another day in Paradise...or Flower Mound!

Summer is in full swing and this is how we spend the majority of our the pool. We have a HOA pool that is in walking distance from our house, but Connor loves the CAC (community action center)! He loves the lazy river and splash zone. He has discovered that if he wears his life jacket he can go pretty much anywhere (with mommy) that he wants. Ian even loved the zero entry depth. He would sit in the bubblers and play and watch the big kids kick and splash in front of him Having a little lunch.

"Look what I can do, mom!"

Splish, splash!

Having a little fun in the sun.Playing with the bubblers.

I also have to mention that Ian has started swimming lessons, yes at 10 months old. I kept telling James that I don't want to have the same problems with water that we do with Connor. Connor still dosen't like water on his face or in his eyes. Let's face it, no one does, but he can't even deal with it! Hence the goggles. Anyways, Ian is the youngest in his swim class and loves to kick, blow bubbles, and splash all the other kids with water. I know he is not going to learn to swim from this, but being comfortable in the water is my hope!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sea World

A few weekends ago James and I took Connor on a special trip. We spent the night at mom and dads on Friday and Saturday morning at 6:15 am we left for SEA WORLD! We didn't tell him where we were going until we arrived at the gates of the park. He was so excited, but even more happy that it was just for HIM! We left Ian at mom and dads and spent the entire day doing what he wanted to...and a few shows that I wanted to see. We got back to Hillsboro about 9:30 that same night. It was a long day, but Connor did great and had a great time. Plus we saved some money by not spending the night. Fun memories!!!
The Shamu ride with daddy :0)

Watching the Killer Whale Show. I have to say we were a little bummed because the trainers no longer get in the water during this show anymore due to the situation last summer when a trainer was killed during a show. Still very cool to watch and Connor didn't seem to mind, although he will tell you that the show COULD have been better if they did get in the water. Funny little guy!

Playing at the Sesame Street water park. He much preferred the big water park with the splash waves and tube rides.

Watching the Beluga Whale show eating Cotton candy!

Jammies and a Ne-Ne...we are not going to be able to do to many more of these special trips Ian is sure to catch on. This might be something we do for each of the boys as they get older. It's nice to spend one on one time with each child!

Love you Connor Boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Trip to DC

A few weeks ago we set out for a trip to Grandma and Papa's in DC. The boys did great traveling. We spent a lot of time in the pool with Mikhayla and Kassidy. We even got to spend Check Spellingtime with Gran (James' grandmother). Ians first time in the pool. A little chilly but he enjoyed it.

Snuggling with Gran after his pool time. I bet lots of stories are being told :)

Gran got to meet her newest great grandson, Trevor. Ben and his family were visiting from Houston and decided to spend the day in DC.

Connor has no FEAR!!!

My sweet boy!

We had a great time in DC relaxing and spending time with family!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

9-10 Month Stats

Due to a ear infection Ian missed his original 9 month apt. and we rescheduled to check ears and get the 9 month apt in. Needless to say he still had an ear onto 10 MORE days of a STRONGER antibiotic. With the initial ear infection he was running fever and very moody, i.e. stopped nursing and forced him to take a bottle. The one good thing that has come out of all these antibiotics is he is no longer having bowel issues. Praise the Lord!


19 pounds 9 oz 25%

27.5 inches 25%

Head 50%

He eats 4 6-ounce bottles a day. He also takes a morning nap (45 min) and an afternoon nap(1hour 30 min). He is FINALLY sleeping great at night, about 11 1/2 hours. He loves to play with Connor and get in the middle of everything. He has learned to climb the gate and chew on the railing. He is a happy little guy!

"Look Mom, checking myself out!"

I have to say, he fell out of the chair as soon as I snapped this picture. Nothing a little snuggling wouldn't cure.

At Connor's gymnastics practice.

Ian is loving life and competes with big bro for all the attention. For the most part, they play great together!