Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Halllllooooowwweeeennn!!

This morning was the annual Halloween party with the MOMZ Club that I joined. We had a great time. We decorated pumpkins, ate a spinach/chocolate cupcake (he never new the difference), and ran around playing games. The pictures got put on in the wrong order. As soon as we got into the car my little "Wes Welker" was OUT.
We live less than 2 minutes from the athletic club where the party was, and this little guy was asleep before I had my seat belt on. I did get a picture of him right before he fell asleep!!

All I seem to get is his back. He loved watching the big kids play.

OOOOO!!! He got to pick a treat out of the bucket. Luckily we chose Nerds and Laffy Taffy...daddy will love that.

Connor is choosing stickers for his pumpkin. He just wanted to grab all of them and run off. His little friend here didn't like that idea!!!

This will probably be the first of a few parties this year...hope you are all doing well.
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updated Pictures

Here are pictures of my most recent blog. Pictures from The Pumpkin Patch, The Pumpkin Express Party, and Connor and I went to Grapevine to check out the Monarch Butterflies migrating to Mexico. The day that we went it was very cold outside, therefore we only say a few butterflies. We had a great time together!!!

Connor and Mommy riding the hay ride.

Here we are at Grapevine Botanical Garden looking for butterflies.

This is DADDY'S BIG pumpkin...and Connor's pumpkin is in his lap.

Connor saw the big kiddos riding these see-saws and thought that he could too.

This is our live-in horse...Molly.

Have a great week!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Football, Pumpkins, and Floors

There has been alot going on in the Kelly household. Where to begin....

Last weekend James, Connor, and I flew to Lubbock for the Texas Tech game. We had a great time, it was a great game, and I finally got to watch a game. we left Connor with James' mom, Kathy and Aunt Kristie (John's wife). They were troopers. My brother still has his house in Lubbock, so they watched Connor at his house while Mike, John, James, and I went to the game.

I got to go and visit my best friend. I went to college with Katy and we taught together. I was so excited to see Katy, Elly, and Jer. Elly is getting so big, and Jer fixed a great meal. Connor loved giving Elly headbutts gently. If he doesn't want to kiss he will give a gentle nod. So he did!

Yesterday we had new flooring put down. It looks great...and I know it's clean. Between dog hair, Connor spilling, James spilling, and my clumsiness our old carpet was GROSS!!! Needless to say James and I moved ALL the furniture TWICE!!!! We have a sectional couch, a piano, love seat, and two tables, plus an entertainment center and TV. My muscles are SORE!!! We both did this feeling under the weather. The floor looks great but my house was in shambles yesterday. Luckily they got it all done in one day.

Connor and I had to get out during the day, so I took him to a local pumpkin patch. We had a great time. We will take Daddy back to get pumpkins.

This morning while I was cleaning up I found Connor "riding" Molly. While I wanted him off of her, I knew I had to get a great I did. Connor enjoyed playing horse with Molly. She is so good with him, but I did make him get off and say he was sorry and give her a kiss.

We hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the cooling temps!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Like anyone CARES!!!!

James just informed me that I WAS WRONG!!!!! Not that anyone would have ever known, or cared, but it was George Harrison's sister NOT John Lennon's aunt!!! Sorry for the mix up. That mix up is not as bad as not being able to name all the Beatles. Tiffany and I were waiting for the show to start and trying to remember all their names and COULDN'T!!! It came back to us shortly.

Anyways have a great evening!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Cedar Lodge

Last week James had an executive retreat in Branson, Missouri. He invited me along so Mom and Dad (and Eric) kept Connor for 3 days. James was in meetings most of the time, so
I got to spend time at the Spa and Shop. I had a blast. Tiffany (at James' work) did a fantastic job of coordinating the trip for the spouses. The food was amazing, the scenery was beautiful, and I got some much needed REST!!!!

Mom did a fantastic job of keeping me updated on the little one. She would send me pics of him on my phone throughout the day. I think that is why I didn't get AS HOME SICK for HIM as I thought I would!!! Thanks Nana, Papa, and Bubba.

Here are a few pics of Connor that she sent me.

He loves to play outside!!!! She let him stay outside from the time he woke up (in pjs) until bedtime. He did have to go in and put on clothes (per moms request) sometime during the day.

Helping Nana open her mail!

Here are the three Amigos. Papa, Connor, and Uncle Bubba!!! They had a blast. Nana made the coment that she was exhausted by the time we got home. She said she slept GREAT that night!!

I thought I had taken some pics of the beautiful resort, but somehow they weren't on my phone. We also went to a show in Branson. It was called the Liver Pool Legends. It was about the Beatles. John Lennon's aunt was there that night answering questions during intermission. The music was great and Tiffany and I kept saying how many of the songs we knew but didn't know the Beatles wrote/sang!

We had a BLAST. Connor was well taken care of and all he could say for the next few days was "Bu-BA", "Nana", and "Papa". I know that they also enjoyed having him.

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Eric!!!