Friday, June 18, 2010

Stroller Time

After a couple of months of looking, searching, and doing research we finally found the stroller! My intentions were to get the 'Sit and Stand' but after taking Connor and letting him ride with a car seat on the front, I discovered there was NO room for my big boy. My sister/brother-in-law were here and we went to Buy Buy Baby (love the store) and John discovered the newest stroller made made Chicco. It is a double stroller and my car seat actually snaps in AND there is plenty of room for Connor. I can put the car seat in the front if Connor wants to nap, or it can go in the back when Connor wants to ride! I am very pleased with our decision.

Like most couples, we documented everything and anything with pictures and journals with our first child. I feel like we are in some way cheating baby #2 (who still by the way has NO NAME), but in reality we are living life and doing the best we can. So with that said, I documented James putting the new stroller together. We at least have something for the baby book now!!!

Yea, we are about 5 weeks away! I'm beginning to nest and prepare for this second bundle of joy! Clothing and blankets are washed and put away, my next thing on my "to do" list is clean (mom is actually doing this for me in between Connor's bday and baby) and get the carpets cleaned!!!
Some funny things Connor has said lately:
*You know mommy, baby brother doesn't cry much
(after yelling at me for about 15 min. one morning through the monitor):
*Mommy, mommy I need to go potty! I jump out of bed and ran up the stairs and whisked him off to the bathroom and he then says, "I don't really need to go, I just wanted you to come and get me!"
*I'm not changing poopy diapers, you are!
Last but not least he has discovered the word but!!! "Buy why, but not know, but, but, but...."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Virus, end of school, zoo, and a trip to Grandma's and Papa's

I have been post poning updating the blog due to a VERY bad virus that our computer had. We had a virus protection on it and it was still out of commission for over 3 weeks!!! It is very difficult to live without technology, what did we do before high speed Internet????

A couple of weeks ago our PATS (parents as teachers) group took 8 children to the Ft. Worth Zoo. We had a great time! The kiddos are all at a fun stage where they all love the animals. All Connor wanted to see this trip were the elephants and we did and he was pretty much done. He loved hanging out with all the girls and riding in Ms. Karen's car (she has a dvd player)!

Connor also had his end of the year party at school. We had a pool party outside. It was a lot of FUN!!!
This was taken the last day of school. I remember taking a young 2 year old in the first day and now he is my almost 3 year old!!! He knows his colors, shapes, and can count to 14. He loves to be read to and his favorite color is BLUE!!! I know that God has great plans for my sweet little boy.

At 3o weeks pregnant, we decided to take one last trip to Denver City. We had a great time. Connor loves playing with his cousins and spending time with Grandma and Papa. It was a long trip having to stop every 1 1/2 hours to go to the bathroom and stretch, but I'm so happy we got to go!

James and Connor in Grandma's new pool!

Happy Wednesday!