Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Plastic Pond for Swimming!

When I sat down to write this blog I had many ideas for the title, but settled on Plastic Pond. We we were searching for a home about 2 years ago in the DFW area I knew that a pool would not be a good idea. With a vibrant not even 1 year old at the time I just didn't think having a pool in our backyard was a good idea. I also knew that if we did have a pool, we wouldn't have room in our yard for anything else like a playset, sandbox, and room for Molly, due to the size of backyards in this area. So with that said, I think that I am regretting that decision. I WOULD LOVE A POOL, without the upkeep and money that has to be spent on it....So James and I one night were out in the backyard playing and Connor wanted in the "big blue bucket"that we keep toys in. So we put him in, ending up stripping his clothes off and letting him play in his own "cement pond" filling it with water. I took it a little further and ran inside and got the baby soap, wash cloth, and a towel. Connor has had many of baths this summer in the "red neck swimming pool!" One evening he had his Popsicle in the "watering hole", last night he had a lollipop in the "bucket". So my $10 investment to hold outside toys in has come in quite handy and is much cheaper than upkeep of a swimming pool.
Our faucet water is very warm, it makes Connor mad. He wants "cold water, mommy". Like I have any control over it...
Some days his horns are bigger than other days. Lately they are growing. We have hit the terrible 2's! Our favorite word is "NO", and pushing friends and hitting is not out of the question for Connor when he wants his way!

I look at this sweet boy and can't imagine where the time has gone. Before I know it he will be starting Kindergarten and not long after that he won't think he even needs me...baaaahhhhh. I am cherishing these times and the memories that we are making as a family!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Go AirHogs!!

About a week ago, Connor began saying that he wanted to go to a baseball game. SO James searched for ticket prices and best seats and the winner was...The Grand Prairie AirHogs. We talked about the Rangers, and knew that Connor just wouldn't be able to stay for long. We checked out the Dr. Pepper stadium in Frisco and there just wasn't a game when we could take Connor. So that's how we ended up at the AirHogs game. We got there a little earl,y, 1hour, which was way to much time. They had LOTS of shade and great seats. We ended up sitting on the first row, right behind the catcher. For any baseball fan, they were great seats, for a 2 year old who wanted to continuously put his hands through the fence, not great seats. Luckily it was Dog Days at the park, so lots of pooches and $1 hot dogs. We had a great time!!! There was a playground for the kiddos, a swimming pool with a bar (we didn't check it out), and like I said great seats with lots of shade!
Before we went to the game, we spent the weekend at mom and dad's in Hillsboro.
We set up the sprinkler for Connor to run through.
Connor was taking in everything!!!

My two boys!

This was Connor's first time to ever have pure sugar...I mean Cotton Candy. He loved it!!!
Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Funny things...

I've been trying to keep a mental note of the funny things that Connor has said to us lately. Before that I forget I want to write them down.

*anytime we want him to do something and he doesn't want to he says "me to small!"

*"not right now, mommy" and puts his hand up in the air

I cut the tip off of his pacifier last night
*"paci broke"
*"go to store, buy new one"
*"fix it, daddy"

I've been trying to potty train him
*"hiney bobo hurts, new diaper"
*"Thomas, underwear"

Connor will start school 2 days a week after Labor day
*"go to school in 2 months"
*"no like school, mommy"
*"mommy go to school"

He is into everything, terrible two's have hit, and his new thing is to push friends. At playgroup the other day he went around pushing all the kiddos. He likes to stand in the corner, if I swat his hiney he laughs, and putting the booster chair in the corner makes him laugh. I am trying to be patient. Overall he is a sweet little boy that loves life and everyone around him!!

Have a great day!!!!