Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Busy!

Where in the world did the month of June go? I think that if flew by us along with May. Hopefully I can enjoy the next couple of weeks before my baby turns the big 2! I feel that before the age of 2 they can still get away with fits, crying, and wanting to be held, but when 2 comes around potty training begins, fighting off the terrible 2's, and last but not least getting the pacifier away from him. I know that the tantrums only increase but I'm READY!!!!! We are having so much fun with Connor here are a few pictures of what's been going on in our lives the past couple of weeks.

We spent Father's Day weekend at the lake with mom, dad, and Uncle Bubba. We took the jet skies out and stayed all day. We had a blast, sunburned, but we had fun! How is it I always remember to put sunscreen on Connor, but fail to remember it for myself.

Mom and I made a stop at the farm to drop off tile for the contractors. While we were there the neighbor and mom's good friend Cookie came down and helped us feed the cows. You can't see it, but the cows reached their tongues through the fence and wrapped it around Connor's little hand. Lots of giggles came from him!!

We are showig the "cake" that we fed to the cows.

Here is Connor at the lake digging in the sand.

We tried to get him to sleep...didn't work. I think the camera caught James eating Brownies!
Last weekend when we dropped off the tile at the farm, mom and I continued on to DC to meet Annie and visit. I'll post those pictures later....have a great week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My "little squirt"

Last week and this week Connor and I have been going to "Big Squirts" swimming lessons at our local Community Activity Center. I think he is loving it. Everyday right before nap I tell him when he wakes up we are going to see Hayden (his best buddy) and go swimming. The first lesson was very successful, he did everything the instructor asked of him. Now he is way to comfortable in the water and all he wants to do is play with the instructors toys. Yesterday James surprised us at the pool, so now I have pictures to share. I couldn't figure out how I was going to get pictures, leaving Connor in the pool just isn't an option right now. He loves to splash others, kick his legs on the side of the pool, but DO NOT get water in HIS eyes! The child goes crazy. After our lessons Hayden and Connor get to go outside and play in the "big pool" (that's what Connor calls it). There is a mini slide and fountain that he can do all by his big boy self. Who knew that started this soon...but that's another blog (Me a big boy...SELF!!)! We are having a blast and he is growing up so fast. Next year he will get in the water without ME for swimming lessons!!!
Enjoy the "little squirt" pictures! This little fountain is right next to the pool. We get there a little early so that he can play in the bubblers.
This was the first time the kiddos put the life jackets on. She just wants them comfortable in them. They hated them!!!
He wanted the jacket OFF!

This is my little squirt. He didn't want his picture taken. This is another one of those things that starts way to early. "NO, mommy, NO!" I took it anyway, pictures to blackmail him with when he is older!! Can you see the ATTITUDE?

He couldn't even enjoy himself, for telling me NO.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that!

The past few weeks we have definitely stayed busy. James' mom and Dad have come to visit, we went to Arkansas for a family reunion, and now we have started swimming lessons. Connor is loving his swing set and his Nana and Papa bought him a picnic table that we have breakfast on every morning! I can't believe in about 1 month my sweet baby will be 2!!! Yikes, where does the time go. I remember sleepless nights and learning to walk. Now he RUNS everywhere and doesn't slow down until his head hits the pillow. The little boy is talking up a storm! Our favorite phrase that he picked up while we were in Arkansas is "Bye-Bye Moooo Cow"!

They loved wearing matching shirts and the name tags were a must!
Connor and James playing in the creek. The water was super COLD! He is not upset that is his fake smile:)

Grandma and Connor enjoying a Popsicle.

Daddy is teaching Connor how to fish.

Connor and I made cupcakes for Papa to take to the motor home and play. While headed to AR the stopped at Grapevine Lake and camped out a few nights. We cooked out and played at the campsite.
Enjoy your Wednesday.
On a side note, those of you who know my cousin Paige, her and Willie welcomed baby Annie yesterday. Keep them in your prayers, baby Annie is having to spend a few nights in NICU. Everything is okay the Dr.s are being super cautious. God is GREAT!!