Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of the Year Party

Last week was Connor's last day of school. We had a great time at his party. I dropped Ian off at Adventure Kids and I got to spend the entire three hours with Connor. We had a carnival theme, painted on tote bags, and had ice cream sundaes. We love the school that Connor goes to and he had a great year in the 3 year old class. Connor knows all the letters and can count to 25. This summer will will work on sounding out words and writing letters (hopefully)!

Mrs. Sigler's 3 year old class. Bobbing for ducks!

Blowing bubbles :0)

What a sweet smile!

Happy Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting -PTA

Our local PTA had its annual Easter Egg hunt. My adorable boys... Paige and Connor hunting together.

Playing together after the big hunt. By the way, she is ADORABLE!!!

Ian and Ella tagging along with Big Bros. once agian.

The Easter Bunny posing with Paige and Connor. Right after I clicked the picture Connor leaned over and gave Paige the sweetest kiss ever!

Have a great week! :0)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter with Nana, Papa, Eric, and the girls

We spent Easter with my parents, Eric, Michelle, and the girls. We had a blast. Lots of eating, playing with trains, and hunting Easter Eggs. It amazes me how interested Connor was in the "true" meaning of Easter. He is at a fun age where everything interests him. He was very curious about God, the soldiers, and the nails in His hands and feet. We are still and hopefully will continue to foster the love of God in our children. I see His work daily in our lives. Cute boys

Miss Kira loving on Ian!

Maci, Kira, and Connor coloring eggs. What beauties!!!

Connor's darn allergies...he couldn't even see his Winnie the Pooh kite.

Getting ready to hunt for eggs in the wind.

Thank you God for your sacrifice!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grandma and Papa's visit

A few weeks ago James' parents came to visit for the weekend. It was a full, fun-filled, weekend. We had a balstball game scheduled, swimming lessons, and finally the early childhood PTA that we are in held its annual auction. Here are a few pictures...
Run Connor, Run

Sweet Ian doing what he does best...tagging along.

Going after a ball...

Grandma, Papa, and the boys

What a handsome group of Kelly boys...wishing John and CT could have joined!

Have a great week!:0)