Thursday, December 3, 2009


We have had a busy last couple of weeks as I am sure all of you have. We are gearing up for Santa and spending the holidays all over the state of Texas.

A couple of weeks ago Connor and I went to the farm with mom and dad while Eric and James made yet another trip to Lubbock for a Tech football game. We helped Papa put up a fence around the deer feeder and played outside.

We had Thanksgiving in Hillsboro this year. James once again fried a delicious turkey while mom made all the fixings with a turkey in the oven, also. We had all the traditional favorites! Why do we only fix these yummy side dishes around the holidays????

Yesterday we had our first "light" snow of the year. Connor thought he hit the jackpot! He didn't care that his fingers were freezing or that his nose had frozen snot on it, he simply loved it. He kept telling me "It tastes like water, mommy. I like it!" I don't think Connor grasps the full concept of Santa and Christmas because he asks if we can see Santa everyday. Every year on birthdays and holidays I always say "This will be a fun year, he is going to have a blast". I think that Christmas morning will be so much fun when he walks down the stairs and sees what Santa has brought to him and the many things we have to be thankful for.

I love this picture, to bad I had to take it myself. I wish it wasn't so close up!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!