Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Connor's view

So this post does it for our 2010 Cruise. I thought I would end with some pictures from James and I's number one man in our lives...Connor. He took all of these pictures and most days we found him hiding with our camera trying to "figure it out". Sad thing is he did figure it out rather quickly. I think I know what he is getting for his birthday...don't they make camera's for kiddos???

"This is mommy's scary face!"

"Aunt Kiki is smiling for the ME"!

"Daddy is putting on my diaper!" We viewed the pictures before sending them off to make prints and had to delete a few...

"Mommy and daddy hugging."
Thanks Grandma and Papa for a great trip. We love you very much

Monday, March 29, 2010

OuR last StOp

Our last stop on our cruise was in Jamaica. The island itself was beautiful, but the living conditions of the local people are very sad. The one thing that I noticed were that the people were very pushy and aggressive when it came to buying their local products. By the end of the excursion I think we all were tired of hearing "ya, mon", and "irie"(a good feeling)!!! James and I decided that this should have been the day we explored the local beaches and shopping. Instead we took a 2 hour van ride to the other side of the island to have lunch and play in the water. We then took a boat along the shoreline to Dunn's Falls. By the time we reached the falls we didn't have enough time to for the guys to hike the falls. We were pushing our deadline of 5:30 pm. When we arrived back at the pier it was 5:25 and we were running!!! Connor decided that he didn't like to be wet and sandy (in his shorts)!
Here is Connor's please smile for mommy and the camera smile, then I will put you down and you can play!!!

Here we are at the bottom of Dunn's Falls.

Walking in the water holding hands with daddy.

This is what James wanted to do, we just didn't have enough time!

This was a fabulous trip that we enjoyed and spent time with family. My next post will be some of the funny pictures that Connor took with my camera throughout the trip!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stop numero DOS

Our second day of excursions were on the island of Grand Cayman. This place was amazing to me. The water was beautiful and the tour we took was FUN. Mike, Kathy, Jan, Dayln and the girls did their own thing this day. I think they walked around the island and did a little shopping. James, Connor, and I along with John and Kristi visited the Turtle farm, Rum Cake factory, and went to Hell. Our tour guide was great he gave us lots of fun information about the Caymans and pointed out where all the "rich and famous" have homes. Our ship did not dock in Grand Cayman so we took a water taxi from the boat. I was a nervous wreck until our feet were on shore. I thought my sweet Connor wanted to jump right in.

As soon as we got to the turtle farm we had to make a quick stop at the gift shop and get...what else FOOD.

Connor and daddy getting to hold the turtle. They had turtles that were at least 70 years old. Their shells were about the size of our kitchen table. Interesting fact: Some turtles are let go, some turtles are used for breeding, and some turtles (the lucky ones???) are made into SOUP!

We visited Hell! I really wish I could tell you exactly what this is, but at one time it was coral. I should have listened more carefully. OOPS! This was probably Connor's least favorite things to do on this excursion. You can see the happy face, right?
The famous post office in Hell. If you look closely the sign on the door says NO Photos or Videos please! Then look even more closely to the left of the door and you see...James taking a picture. He continues to tell me that the sign said "inside the post office". Whatever you say James!!!
We didn't get in the water/beach in Grand Cayman, but our tour was worth it. Have a great week.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mayan Ruins of Tulum

Our first day of excursions the boys (minus Mike, he was still sick) went to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. James said they had to take a water taxi to Playa del Carmen and then got on a bus for a 2 hour ride to the ruins. He said it was well worth the ride!!! All the boys took the camera's so Kathy is the only one that had her camera with us. So as soon as I get pictures from her I will post about our trip to the beach in Cozumel! I wish I could give you more info on these pictures, but SORRY I don't know much!!!!

James was so glad that he had this experience. This will be a place we will most definitely return to. He loved Playa del Carmen!!!!
Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This was taken is Cozumel. The water was beautiful. James went with Dalyn and John to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum (and took the camera) while the girls and Connor went to the beach and had a blast. I will post Mayan pictures next time. Uncle John, Aunt Kiki, and Connor on the Voyager of the Seas.
Connor is playing at the Royal Tots on the boat. He needed to be 3 in order to go with the 'big kids". Mikhayla and Kassisdy attended the Adventure Oceans Club and loved it. So if/when we go back I think Connor would love it. The girls got to go on scavenger hunts, had parades down the ship and late night parties until 2am. FUN!!!!

Our nightly routine consisted of getting to watch a show and lights out. The first couple of nights he wanted to sleep in his own bed.

Connor is telling Papa that submarines go "under the water."
My next post will have pictures of James' excursion to the ruins. Check out facebook if you can't wait for me to get around to posting...until next time!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Leading up to the BIG TRIP

We just returned from a 7 day Caribbean cruise which was fantastic!!! With that being said the days leading up to it were anything but THAT! We were due to leave last Friday and drive to mom and dad's to stay the night before we were going to drive to Houston to meet up with the rest of the Kelly family. Thursday morning I woke up and I was so sick. I knew that I had a lot to do so I packed my trash can in the front seat of the car and took Connor to school. I had to make two quick stops (if you know what I mean) and dropped him off. By this time nothing would stay down, not even liquids!!! I called the OB and he wanted me to come in and make sure everything was okay, mentioning putting an IV in and getting my hydrated again. I began making calls and arrangements. My very good friend, Karen picked Connor up at school and kept him for 7 hours that day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Tiffany came over and drove me to the dr. and waited with me all day. James needed to stay at work and get things wrapped up because we were suppose to leave the very next day! I was very dehydrated and needed two bags of fluids and some Zofran. Mom and dad were on their way to help in any way. We decided that they would go ahead and take Connor home and James and I would be there the next day. It's a good thing, Connor got sick Thursday night and so did JAMES!!!! Boy, when it rains it pours!!! To make a long story short Connor felt much better on Friday and James was still sick until Sunday. We got on the boat Sunday morning all feeling much better. I talked with mom and dad right before we got loaded on the boat and dad got sick, later to find out mom got it too! We woke up Monday morning and Mike, James' dad was sick. UGH!!!! It took him about 2 1/2 days to recover. Overall our trip was great and I will start posting this afternoon or tonight with pictures and updates of each day of our trip. Finally, those of you who keep wanting a belly picture that will come in a few days!!! Enjoy your Monday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jan. and Feb. pictures

Here are the pictures that I promised about a month ago...thought I'd better get them on here before our March pictures are due. We are headed out on Friday for vacation. This will be the first time James, Connor, or I have gone on a cruise. We are looking forward to spending some time with the Kelly crew!!! 7 days of paradise...anyways here are the pictures.

Connor and daddy playing in our abundance of snow!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I heart Mom!!!

I can ride this pony "all by myself, mommy"!!! No comment on the goofy grin on my face!

This goofy grin is adorable. He loved the little mini ponies!!! Connor is our cheese ball. He has a great "fake" smile. I wonder where he gets it from????
Have a safe and happy Spring Break!!!