Thursday, April 15, 2010

Six Flags or BUST!!!

A couple of weekends ago we met Nana, Papa, and Uncle Bubba at Six Flags. We were all completely and totally on Connor's schedule. He had a blast. Every single one of us were at his beck and call. Connor got to ride every ride he wanted to and some...more than once. Our day pass is good all season long so we will be able to take Connor to all the holiday activities and festivities.

Connor is taking Papa for a ride.

Nana was the "lucky" one to ride this "small" Superman ride.

Hands up for the mini mine train.

This is the ride that Connor continues to talk about. He loved flying the airplane up and down "all by myself"! James and I continue to talk about how much Connor reminds us of James' Dad, Mike. During our trip Connor had to check out the mechanics of everything. How it works, what the screws are for, and what everything is suppose to do? There were points of our trip that we couldn't tell if Connor was having fun or just in AWE of the mechanics. James and I decided that we might have a "deep thinker" on our hands. The other favorite was the Log Ride, unfortunately I only have the picture that we BOUGHT.

I remember getting to drive these cars when I was little. It is so much fun to see my little one getting to make the same memories that I have!!! :) Eric is the only one making sure Connor doesen't crash...or he was ready to go home (can't really tell)!!
We had a GREAT trip and hopefully next time we go I will get to ride something...anything!!! On a side note, Six Flags has a strict policy against pregnant moms getting on anything. I think the cars were even off limits. Thanks James, Mom, Dad, and Eric for going so Connor could enjoy Six Flags.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Bigger!!! Maynard anyone???

Yikes, seeing pictures of yourself is not always flattering especially when the belly continues to grow! 16 Weeks

21 Weeks

23 Weeks

At our 23 week apt. everything looked great! Baby boy who doesn't have a name yet is a mover. He always seems to "dance" when I lay down or get still, go figure. His heart rate was great, my weight was great (so they say), and I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. We could have a baby as early as the 18th of July. This is a little scary for James and I on a couple of different levels. With Connor I think I was completely ready for him by 21 weeks, this pregnancy is a little different. NOT PREPARED!!! Also, Connor's 3rd birthday party is scheduled for the 16th and cannot be moved. YIKES, (lots of YIKES in this post) I know it will all get done but the planner in me is going a little crazy! We are having some difficulty naming this little guy. Since we found out and told Connor about him we have called him "Maynard". I know what your thinking "Maynard"? James is one funny guy. Anyways, Connor now thinks the baby's name is "Maynard" and changing it at this point has become a little difficult. I am NOT a fan of "Maynard" at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James has his choices, I have mine, and obviously Connor has a few besides "Maynard" that he continues to want. I know we will all figure it out it might be the day they kick us out of the hospital to bring him home, but we will all come together and decide on a name...HOPEFULLY!!!!

A little late on Easter pictures...

Here are a few pictures over the course of a couple of weeks of our Easter outings... Connor and Mommy on Easter Eve...we "cheated" and went to Easter service on Saturday evening. Same sermon, songs, and pew!!!
Our sweet boy! He is getting so big. YES, we wear Crocs with EVERYTHING!!!

Connor and Daddy at the Greater Lewisville Early Childhood PTA (GLECPTA) egg hunt. It was a little chilly outside, but Connor still had fun. His favorite part was the ice cream truck.

Nana and Papa went with Connor and I to Nash Farm in Grapevine the weekend before Easter. Daddy and Uncle Bubba made a trip to the Sweet Sixteen tournament in Houston. Connor was a little distracted by all the eggs.

Connor and his best buddy Hayden!