Thursday, December 3, 2009


We have had a busy last couple of weeks as I am sure all of you have. We are gearing up for Santa and spending the holidays all over the state of Texas.

A couple of weeks ago Connor and I went to the farm with mom and dad while Eric and James made yet another trip to Lubbock for a Tech football game. We helped Papa put up a fence around the deer feeder and played outside.

We had Thanksgiving in Hillsboro this year. James once again fried a delicious turkey while mom made all the fixings with a turkey in the oven, also. We had all the traditional favorites! Why do we only fix these yummy side dishes around the holidays????

Yesterday we had our first "light" snow of the year. Connor thought he hit the jackpot! He didn't care that his fingers were freezing or that his nose had frozen snot on it, he simply loved it. He kept telling me "It tastes like water, mommy. I like it!" I don't think Connor grasps the full concept of Santa and Christmas because he asks if we can see Santa everyday. Every year on birthdays and holidays I always say "This will be a fun year, he is going to have a blast". I think that Christmas morning will be so much fun when he walks down the stairs and sees what Santa has brought to him and the many things we have to be thankful for.

I love this picture, to bad I had to take it myself. I wish it wasn't so close up!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two in One!!!

I am really excited to say that Connor has now been wearing his "big boy undies" for about 6 days now. It just kind of happened. One day he told me he wanted to wear his underwear to school, I was a little hesitate and went ahead and put a diaper on him. I talked with his teacher and she told me to go ahead and send him if he is wanting to wear them. That Thursday I went ahead and sent him to school with them on (in his backpack was 2 changes of clothes)! To my amazement Connor came toddling out of the school in the same clothes that I sent him in!!! YAY!!! I am very proud of my 2 year 4 month old little "BIG" guy!!!

Riding Miss Kitty at Fiesta Texas.

Kylar and Connor dancing at the Wiggles show.

Here is mom, Connor, and Kylar about to ride the Wiggles airplane.

The beginning of our adventure into Fiesta Texas.

This is the first day we arrived. The boys were playing at the little park down the road from Kylar's house!

This past weekend mom, Connor, and I ventured 3 hours down the road to Jennifer and Fausto's in San Antonio. We made it early Friday and went nonstop until Sunday afternoon. Connor and Kylar, for the most part, played very well together. Just like any other little boys they always wanted what the other one had. By Sunday morning they were playing really well together. Doesn't it always happen that way, just about the time it's time to leave they really begin playing good together? On Saturday we took the boys to Fiesta Texas (both boys were wearing underwear!!!)! We had so much fun doing what they wanted to do. There was a Wiggle's Land that had rides and shows. Connor began dancing and singing with the Wiggles and Kylar shortly joined in. We took the boys on the Log ride and got wet. Not one accident the entire day!!!! Needless to say the boys were both asleep at 7 (Connor) and 7:30 (Kylar) that night. Jenn, mom, and I tried to stay up and watch the Tech game but we didn't last either. We had a great weekend and finished it off with shopping in San Marcos at the outlet mall.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise 30th!!! and a little bit of everything

Last Wednesday some of James' friends from work and I planned a surprise 30th birthday party. I came up with a great story (I had to change the details a couple of times) to get James over to Tiff and Erin's house and waiting for us were about 10 of our friends. It was so much fun surprising James. I also have learned that Connor can NOT keep a secret. He is at the age now where he will tell you anything you ask and often more. So not only was I keeping the SECRET from James, but also had to not say much to my sweet little boy!!! I did however want him to be involved in making the cupcakes and decorating them so I told a little lie to him also. For the record keeping secrets is hard and mine was a FUN secret!! Here are a few pictures from the past week. Sorry the pictures are out of order....
This picture was at Connor's preschool party. They were throwing bean bags into the Halloween bucket.
Here is everyone at James' big party!!!!!!

Notice the fancy tie around his neck. For those of you who watch the "Office" you will probably get the tie thing. Something about having flair to work at a restaurant...I DON"T KNOW!!!

Marley (Tinkerbell), Connor (Pirate), and Campebll (Fufa from YO Gabba Gabba) at our Moms Club party.

Here is our little pirate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGHHHHHHHH

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This past week our Moms group visited the local pumpkin patch. We had so much fun. It was a little muddy, but Connor wore his rain boots and had a blast. When we were leaving he decided that daddy needed to come back with us. Here are the pictures from both outings.

We got to take a short hayride, it was a beautiful day!

Connor and Hayden playing at the pumpkin patch.

Here the boys are playing in the little pumpkins.

Connor and his favorite character right now...DORA!!! He was so excited to find her at the patch.

Connor saw this little tractor and loved it. His Papa has a blue one just like it. He didn't want to get off and share, but eventually we found the snow cones and he was off!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

State Fair of Texas

Last Wednesday James and I took Connor to the fair. The day didn't start off to swell. Connor had sat in timeout and had 2 spankings before 7:30 am. He was having a bad day to say the least. But needless to say, we got him in the car and off to the fair and he had so much fun! The weather was dreary and wet, but it ended up working in our favor. We got to the fair when it opened and walked through the livestock and stumbled upon the BEST feeding/petting zoo. The animals were ready to eat and Connor loved feeding them. We spent about an hour in with the animals. They had farm animals, exotic animals, and feisty animals. We also got to see a mother goat and her 30 min-1hour old kids. After we scrubbed and washed our hands we wanted to take Connor and ride the Ferris wheel. This was the only ride we did and although expensive, Connor enjoyed it. Then it was off to try the food. We each had a corn dog and I took fruit and juice for Connor. My fair treat was a fried Snickers....oooohhhhh it was SOOOOO good!!! James decided to try the chicken fried BACON. It was GROSS!!!! He tossed it and went for the buffalo wings. While James waited on his lunch Connor and I went back to the petting zoo. The rain was coming down pretty hard and we needed shelter. After making one more pass through the animals, we decided Connor needed a nap and we were ready to come home.

Connor loved walking in the rain, he didn't care about getting wet.

The Cotton Bowel is in the background of our picture. Connor sat very still during the entire ride.

Here I am trying to show Connor how to use the shovels to feed the animals.

Daddy and Connor feeding the llama! It was fun to show Connor what a "real" llama looks like. He loves the book "Is Your Mama a Llama?"

This picture was taken at Hayden's 2nd birthday at Gymboree last weekend. This is Connor's best buddy and they attend the same preschool!!! When school started Connor and I stopped going to Gymboree class but he didn't miss a beat when we got there. He loved it, the singing, dancing, and of course the parachute!!!
Have a great week!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chicago to Houston to Home

Well since the last update Connor has gone to school for 3 weeks now. He is finally letting me drop him off in the car pool lane, which means that they come to the car and get him and escort him to the classroom. He cried the first day I did it and now all he says is "mommy will be right back, love you!" All he tells me about school is that "I wash my hands all by myself", that's all you did today Connor, "Yes, mommy". Did you play outside with Hayden?, "Oh, yes I did" is what he tells me!!! He comes home everyday with something he colored or made, I know that he is having fun and I am definitely getting lots done while he is at school.

A couple of weeks ago James, Connor, and I went to Chicago to attend James' cousins wedding. Mike and Kathy (James' parents also went). We had so much fun riding the train to the city, walking to Lake Michigan and hanging out with his parents! (I can't figure out why this is underlined...sorry)
Mommy and Connor at the Brooksfield Zoo in Chicago. This was a fantastic zoo!!!

Yep, that's the finger in the nose. We are definitely going through the terrible two's!

Connor, petting the goats at the zoo.

Daddy and Connor on the pier at Lake Michigan.

The giant bean in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Can you find Connor and I???

We just got home from Houston!!! Man, during the fall/TECH football season we travel and are on the GO!!! Connor has yet to get to actually go to a game, but we always take him and someone is always willing to watch him so that I can go to the game! We got to spend some time with Uncle John and Aunt Kiki and we also saw Uncle Ben, Krystal and Kylee!!! Although the game didn't end up in our favor we had fun and are glad to be home!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your week!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another chapter in a small boys life...

This morning I took Connor to meet his teacher and new friends at school. He will only be going two days a week. I think that I am ready to send him...I am, but I know when the time comes I will have a few fears. Mommy fears:

*will he cry
*will he EVEN miss me
*will he be the bully in the class
*will he want to go back
*is this making him grow up to fast

I know that he is only two and will be going to school for the rest of his life, but we (James and I) think that this will be good for him. My goal for this year is for Connor to learn to play independently and with others, and to learn to mind someone other than mommy and daddy!!!! With that said, I took a few pictures from the meet and greet this morning. Connor wanted to play at the park this morning before we left to go and meet his teacher.
His new school is the only school in Texas that is a registered outdoor learning center. He loved banging on the drums.

Connor and his Papa call Gatorade "tiger juice" and they act like different kinds of animals. At school this morning he was serving "tiger juice" to all the kiddos and teachers.

This is one of Connor's best buddies. Hayden will be in the room next to his. They are sharing a snack out on the patio at school.

We are gearing up for the big day next week, but before that, we are headed to DC and watch Tech's opening game!!!!

Wreck 'Em Tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Plastic Pond for Swimming!

When I sat down to write this blog I had many ideas for the title, but settled on Plastic Pond. We we were searching for a home about 2 years ago in the DFW area I knew that a pool would not be a good idea. With a vibrant not even 1 year old at the time I just didn't think having a pool in our backyard was a good idea. I also knew that if we did have a pool, we wouldn't have room in our yard for anything else like a playset, sandbox, and room for Molly, due to the size of backyards in this area. So with that said, I think that I am regretting that decision. I WOULD LOVE A POOL, without the upkeep and money that has to be spent on it....So James and I one night were out in the backyard playing and Connor wanted in the "big blue bucket"that we keep toys in. So we put him in, ending up stripping his clothes off and letting him play in his own "cement pond" filling it with water. I took it a little further and ran inside and got the baby soap, wash cloth, and a towel. Connor has had many of baths this summer in the "red neck swimming pool!" One evening he had his Popsicle in the "watering hole", last night he had a lollipop in the "bucket". So my $10 investment to hold outside toys in has come in quite handy and is much cheaper than upkeep of a swimming pool.
Our faucet water is very warm, it makes Connor mad. He wants "cold water, mommy". Like I have any control over it...
Some days his horns are bigger than other days. Lately they are growing. We have hit the terrible 2's! Our favorite word is "NO", and pushing friends and hitting is not out of the question for Connor when he wants his way!

I look at this sweet boy and can't imagine where the time has gone. Before I know it he will be starting Kindergarten and not long after that he won't think he even needs me...baaaahhhhh. I am cherishing these times and the memories that we are making as a family!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Go AirHogs!!

About a week ago, Connor began saying that he wanted to go to a baseball game. SO James searched for ticket prices and best seats and the winner was...The Grand Prairie AirHogs. We talked about the Rangers, and knew that Connor just wouldn't be able to stay for long. We checked out the Dr. Pepper stadium in Frisco and there just wasn't a game when we could take Connor. So that's how we ended up at the AirHogs game. We got there a little earl,y, 1hour, which was way to much time. They had LOTS of shade and great seats. We ended up sitting on the first row, right behind the catcher. For any baseball fan, they were great seats, for a 2 year old who wanted to continuously put his hands through the fence, not great seats. Luckily it was Dog Days at the park, so lots of pooches and $1 hot dogs. We had a great time!!! There was a playground for the kiddos, a swimming pool with a bar (we didn't check it out), and like I said great seats with lots of shade!
Before we went to the game, we spent the weekend at mom and dad's in Hillsboro.
We set up the sprinkler for Connor to run through.
Connor was taking in everything!!!

My two boys!

This was Connor's first time to ever have pure sugar...I mean Cotton Candy. He loved it!!!
Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Funny things...

I've been trying to keep a mental note of the funny things that Connor has said to us lately. Before that I forget I want to write them down.

*anytime we want him to do something and he doesn't want to he says "me to small!"

*"not right now, mommy" and puts his hand up in the air

I cut the tip off of his pacifier last night
*"paci broke"
*"go to store, buy new one"
*"fix it, daddy"

I've been trying to potty train him
*"hiney bobo hurts, new diaper"
*"Thomas, underwear"

Connor will start school 2 days a week after Labor day
*"go to school in 2 months"
*"no like school, mommy"
*"mommy go to school"

He is into everything, terrible two's have hit, and his new thing is to push friends. At playgroup the other day he went around pushing all the kiddos. He likes to stand in the corner, if I swat his hiney he laughs, and putting the booster chair in the corner makes him laugh. I am trying to be patient. Overall he is a sweet little boy that loves life and everyone around him!!

Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A full week of Birthday Activites

Last Thursday Connor turned 2. I had an entire week of activities planned for us! We had lots of family and friends over and spent the day celebrating my sweet boys birthday! Monday, Connor and I met some friends at Chuck E. Cheese. I was holding off as long as possible due to the fact that I thought he would love it and always want to go there. He did enjoy himself, but he kept saying "to small, mommy", and "no mouse, please!" He didn't like the Chuck E Mouse. On Tuesday we headed over to a friends house for our regular Tuesday play date. Wednesday I took Connor to his first "real" movie. Mom went with us and we watched "Horton Hears a Who." Connor believe it or not sat through the entire movie. He did get a little anxious towards the end. I know he liked it due to the fact that all week he wanted to go watch a "moooovie." Thursday, was the big day! James and I both sang happy birthday to him, and James even went into work a little late that day. Our friends came over and played in the bounce house that Uncle Bubba bought for Connor. Side note: It is a Little Tikes brand, and Connor loves it. If your wanting something check into it!!! We played in the water, sand, and swing set. It was a great day. That night Connor's grandparents and cousins, Kyla and Kassiday got into town and we went back to Chuck E Cheese and ate pizza and played. Friday we hung out with family went to the Grapevine Mills Mall and was gearing up for Saturday. Saturday, we had family and a few friends over to eat and have birthday cake. My moms 91 year old aunt was able to make it along with many of our relatives. Kylar and Connor were able to play and it was great to spend time with Jenn and Fausto. It was a great week!!!

Getting ready to eat birthday cake. Bubba, Connor, and Kylar jumping.

Connor and his friends at his party on Thursday.

This is the bounce house that Uncle Bubba got for Connor. It blows up in less than a minute and stores great!

This picture was taken last year on his first birthday. Wow, my little man is getting so big.

Now life has slowed down a little bit, we are getting back into our normal routine. Thank you to all our family and friends that came, helped out, and sent warm birthday wishes!!! We love you all.

Due to the number of pictures I have from the parties, I will post some more pictures on Facebook!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Busy!

Where in the world did the month of June go? I think that if flew by us along with May. Hopefully I can enjoy the next couple of weeks before my baby turns the big 2! I feel that before the age of 2 they can still get away with fits, crying, and wanting to be held, but when 2 comes around potty training begins, fighting off the terrible 2's, and last but not least getting the pacifier away from him. I know that the tantrums only increase but I'm READY!!!!! We are having so much fun with Connor here are a few pictures of what's been going on in our lives the past couple of weeks.

We spent Father's Day weekend at the lake with mom, dad, and Uncle Bubba. We took the jet skies out and stayed all day. We had a blast, sunburned, but we had fun! How is it I always remember to put sunscreen on Connor, but fail to remember it for myself.

Mom and I made a stop at the farm to drop off tile for the contractors. While we were there the neighbor and mom's good friend Cookie came down and helped us feed the cows. You can't see it, but the cows reached their tongues through the fence and wrapped it around Connor's little hand. Lots of giggles came from him!!

We are showig the "cake" that we fed to the cows.

Here is Connor at the lake digging in the sand.

We tried to get him to sleep...didn't work. I think the camera caught James eating Brownies!
Last weekend when we dropped off the tile at the farm, mom and I continued on to DC to meet Annie and visit. I'll post those pictures later....have a great week.