Monday, April 18, 2011

Art and Science Night

Last week was Art and Science Night at Connors school. His teacher happens to be the only one that puts on a performace for the parents along with the open house. These 3 year olds did great! So cute and great projects.
Connor and one of his best buddies!
Getting ready for their performace of "Rainbow Fish" (title of a book, supposed to be underlined but I can't figure it out)
Some of Connor's artwork. It's a "blue horse".
Our very favorite....Mrs. Sigler. Great job!!!
Plants, frogs, fish, and snake skin.

Thanks Nana and Papa for coming. We love you Connor Kelly!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Luigi time

Connor loves to play our Wii, so I have to be careful or he would play it ALL the TIME! We started off with little figurines and have moved on to the dress up clothes. We are currently in the process of looking for a "twisty hat" like the one you can win on the game that allows the Bros. to fly. He loves to go outside and let the neighborhood kiddos see him wearing the costumes. As you can tell the mostasche really bothered him, but the picture had the little boy wearing it so Connor had to have it on also! Caught him in action holding the picture that came in the box with the costume to show everyone.

I love you, Luigi!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Here are a few pictures to compare the sizes of Connor and Ian. Ian
WOW!!! Connor


It amazes me to check the stats and see the pictures to compare the boys. It amazes me that both of these sweet boys have similar features but are totally different on the size and scale.

Friday, April 1, 2011

8 months and counting...organizing

Here comes my broken record statement..."Where has the time gone?" Sweet Ian is a great baby. He gives smiles freely and loves his big bro. We don't go back to the dr. until his 9 month check up so no big stats this month. I have started "meats" if you can call them that. They smell grrrooosss! I actually gave him real boiled chicken tonight and he loved that. My mom keeps saying things like, "You didn't do that with Connor this early" or "you would have never..." And she is right. Something about feeling more comfortable the second go around and knowing that I survived all the firsts with Connor. I had James get down all the totes so I could organize and see what clothes I had and this is the mess I ended up with. 8 -40 gallon totes and an abundance of clothes. 2 days and 4 naps later I had it under control and back up in the attic. Somewhere along the way Connor skipped the size 9-12 months completely so Ian FINALLY gets NEW CLOTHES!!!! (just a few)!!!

Sweet Smiley :0)
Connor has become a great big brother.
"Yea, mommy"

He is such a ham. He loves to clap his feet together.

Have a great weekend!