Monday, August 30, 2010

Our busy month

Here are a few pictures of things that went on during the month of August. We took Connor to see the Wiggles Live, went to the lake with Uncle Bubba, and visited my best friend who lives here in DFW. Our babies are 8 days apart.
Blue Cotton Candy the BEST!
Uncle Bubba and Connor riding the tube.

Ian's first bath. It wasn't so bad.

Kenley (yellow) and Ian (blue) in James' arms.

These are the big siblings. Elly is 2 and is a doll. Connor loves to run and play at her house. He loves her wooden train set and at this visit they decided to climb all over this chair and land on the floor.
I know I've said this before but it has been one crazy month. I can't wait for school to start!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just the Two of Us!!

Wow, where did the last month go? It has flown by. We have been busy keeping up with these two sweet boys. It has been a learning process trying to figure out feedings, nap time, and bedtime with two kiddos. To top it off James had to be out of town and work late 3 nights in a row. My WONDERFUL brother came to help out for two nights, but the third night I was on my own. I keep telling myself I'm not the first mommy to have two can be done.

Connor is adjusting. We are still seeing a few issues here and there but mainly it is when it's just me here at home alone. He does love holding Ian and giving him kisses. He sits in front of him and makes silly faces and sounds. I can't wait to watch them grow up and play with each other. A friend brought over a meal for us the other day and a sweet gift for Connor with a note I will cherish read:
Congratulations on your new baby. Do you want to know a secret? Right now he is just a baby but soon he will be your best friend!
Love, (Friend)
This made my heart melt and brought tears to my eyes. When I have a difficult day or the kids are both crying I think back to this sweet letter!!!
My big boy's imagination has exploded. His favorite thing to play is Toy Story. Here he is playing in the toy box in Ian's room talking on the phone.
Ian is 1 month old today!! He weighs 9lbs and 14 oz and is 20 1/4 inches long. He is taking a few short 1 hour cat naps through out the morning and then about a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon. He eats every two hours and can go about 5 hours at night He loves to be held and snuggled and is a very content baby. We are having issuses with his reflux and are in the process of changing meds again. He resembles Connor and at this point their stats are almost exactly on...another 6 foot 3 in boy. I'm going to have to take stock in a grocery store!!!!
My two loves! I looked for those cute onsies that have the month the child is on them but couldn't ever find them. So I will post a diaper boy every month with a big brother in tow!!!

Where's Waldo? I mean Ian???? Connor thought Ian wanted to play with ALL the stuffed animals.

And then....Connor had to have his picture made. Because you couldn't see Ian before, be reassured that I moved him...
What a difficult, fun, loving first month! I can't wait to see what God has in store for our lives!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Connor's 3rd Birthday

Somewhere between being 9 months pregnant, delivering a sweet little boy, and LIFE I have forgotten to post pictures of Connor's 3rd birthday. We had so much fun celebrating Connor's birthday! He is such a joy. We had his party at Paradise Pond in Grapevine. There was something for everyone. Even the adult boys found a basketball hoop and played for 2 hours.

Some things I want to remember about Connor:
*38 in. tall (90%)
*39 pounds (90%)
*and at his well KID visit they took his blood pressure 108/72
*Dr. Naylor said at this rate it looks like he will be about 6 foot 3 in. tall
*She had him draw three shapes: a circle (2 year old), a triangle(3 year old), and a square(4 year old)
Connor could draw all three of these shapes for her!!!! He had to jump on one foot, run "really fast", and answer eating habit questions for her. I think my 3 year old impressed her:)
Connor and his Mickey Mouse cake. We had to work on blowing out candles weeks prior to his big day and he did GREAT!
As you can see Connor didn't want to stop for a quick picture! Thanks mom for taking all the great shots from his party!

This is Uncle Bubba's 'new' boat. This was the first time Connor got to ride/drive it and because I was 11 days from delivery I was not permitted to attend the all boys outing! James said Connor loved every minute of it. He doesn't like water in his eyes, but for some reason didn't mind being in the lake and for sure didn't want to get out of the water!!!

Grandma and Papa treated us to Medival Times. Connor loved watching the horses and of course the cool sword, but didn't really get the story line...

Mommy and Connor...what a goofy picture! I love you sweet boy happy 3rd birthday and many more!!!!