Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two in One!!!

I am really excited to say that Connor has now been wearing his "big boy undies" for about 6 days now. It just kind of happened. One day he told me he wanted to wear his underwear to school, I was a little hesitate and went ahead and put a diaper on him. I talked with his teacher and she told me to go ahead and send him if he is wanting to wear them. That Thursday I went ahead and sent him to school with them on (in his backpack was 2 changes of clothes)! To my amazement Connor came toddling out of the school in the same clothes that I sent him in!!! YAY!!! I am very proud of my 2 year 4 month old little "BIG" guy!!!

Riding Miss Kitty at Fiesta Texas.

Kylar and Connor dancing at the Wiggles show.

Here is mom, Connor, and Kylar about to ride the Wiggles airplane.

The beginning of our adventure into Fiesta Texas.

This is the first day we arrived. The boys were playing at the little park down the road from Kylar's house!

This past weekend mom, Connor, and I ventured 3 hours down the road to Jennifer and Fausto's in San Antonio. We made it early Friday and went nonstop until Sunday afternoon. Connor and Kylar, for the most part, played very well together. Just like any other little boys they always wanted what the other one had. By Sunday morning they were playing really well together. Doesn't it always happen that way, just about the time it's time to leave they really begin playing good together? On Saturday we took the boys to Fiesta Texas (both boys were wearing underwear!!!)! We had so much fun doing what they wanted to do. There was a Wiggle's Land that had rides and shows. Connor began dancing and singing with the Wiggles and Kylar shortly joined in. We took the boys on the Log ride and got wet. Not one accident the entire day!!!! Needless to say the boys were both asleep at 7 (Connor) and 7:30 (Kylar) that night. Jenn, mom, and I tried to stay up and watch the Tech game but we didn't last either. We had a great weekend and finished it off with shopping in San Marcos at the outlet mall.