Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise 30th!!! and a little bit of everything

Last Wednesday some of James' friends from work and I planned a surprise 30th birthday party. I came up with a great story (I had to change the details a couple of times) to get James over to Tiff and Erin's house and waiting for us were about 10 of our friends. It was so much fun surprising James. I also have learned that Connor can NOT keep a secret. He is at the age now where he will tell you anything you ask and often more. So not only was I keeping the SECRET from James, but also had to not say much to my sweet little boy!!! I did however want him to be involved in making the cupcakes and decorating them so I told a little lie to him also. For the record keeping secrets is hard and mine was a FUN secret!! Here are a few pictures from the past week. Sorry the pictures are out of order....
This picture was at Connor's preschool party. They were throwing bean bags into the Halloween bucket.
Here is everyone at James' big party!!!!!!

Notice the fancy tie around his neck. For those of you who watch the "Office" you will probably get the tie thing. Something about having flair to work at a restaurant...I DON"T KNOW!!!

Marley (Tinkerbell), Connor (Pirate), and Campebll (Fufa from YO Gabba Gabba) at our Moms Club party.

Here is our little pirate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGHHHHHHHH

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This past week our Moms group visited the local pumpkin patch. We had so much fun. It was a little muddy, but Connor wore his rain boots and had a blast. When we were leaving he decided that daddy needed to come back with us. Here are the pictures from both outings.

We got to take a short hayride, it was a beautiful day!

Connor and Hayden playing at the pumpkin patch.

Here the boys are playing in the little pumpkins.

Connor and his favorite character right now...DORA!!! He was so excited to find her at the patch.

Connor saw this little tractor and loved it. His Papa has a blue one just like it. He didn't want to get off and share, but eventually we found the snow cones and he was off!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

State Fair of Texas

Last Wednesday James and I took Connor to the fair. The day didn't start off to swell. Connor had sat in timeout and had 2 spankings before 7:30 am. He was having a bad day to say the least. But needless to say, we got him in the car and off to the fair and he had so much fun! The weather was dreary and wet, but it ended up working in our favor. We got to the fair when it opened and walked through the livestock and stumbled upon the BEST feeding/petting zoo. The animals were ready to eat and Connor loved feeding them. We spent about an hour in with the animals. They had farm animals, exotic animals, and feisty animals. We also got to see a mother goat and her 30 min-1hour old kids. After we scrubbed and washed our hands we wanted to take Connor and ride the Ferris wheel. This was the only ride we did and although expensive, Connor enjoyed it. Then it was off to try the food. We each had a corn dog and I took fruit and juice for Connor. My fair treat was a fried Snickers....oooohhhhh it was SOOOOO good!!! James decided to try the chicken fried BACON. It was GROSS!!!! He tossed it and went for the buffalo wings. While James waited on his lunch Connor and I went back to the petting zoo. The rain was coming down pretty hard and we needed shelter. After making one more pass through the animals, we decided Connor needed a nap and we were ready to come home.

Connor loved walking in the rain, he didn't care about getting wet.

The Cotton Bowel is in the background of our picture. Connor sat very still during the entire ride.

Here I am trying to show Connor how to use the shovels to feed the animals.

Daddy and Connor feeding the llama! It was fun to show Connor what a "real" llama looks like. He loves the book "Is Your Mama a Llama?"

This picture was taken at Hayden's 2nd birthday at Gymboree last weekend. This is Connor's best buddy and they attend the same preschool!!! When school started Connor and I stopped going to Gymboree class but he didn't miss a beat when we got there. He loved it, the singing, dancing, and of course the parachute!!!
Have a great week!!!