Monday, March 23, 2009

Connor 1 : Mommy 0

It's official, James and I converted Connor's crib to a daybed with sides this past weekend. I didn't change his sheets, his crib, or the fifty billion pacifiers that are in the bed, but the BOY has not Slept In his Bed the Past THREE NIGHTS by HIMSELF. He wants James or I on the floor with him. This is making me crazy, I love my bed, my pillow and my soft sheets. The floor is a far cry from that. I know that this is a transition period in our life, but I hope it's short. For those of you who know me, I love schedules. I need Connor to be predictable, and right now he is not. Last night I went in to kiss him goodnight and almost stepped on him, he decided that the floor is more comfy than his bed (I disagree, his floor is not comfy).

If any of you Mommy's out there have any advice I am in desperate need of it!!!

The bad news is James has left for Washington D.C. today, the good news is I am joining him on Friday for a short getaway together. Nana (my mom) will come in for a few days, then Grandma (James mom) will take over the final stretch and James and I will both be home on Monday afternoon. Hopefully those two women can get my son into the routine that I need and want.

I forgot how a lack of sleep affects daily life, but I am remembering quickly now. Hopefully some of you will have some advice to throw my way. Enjoy your week!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

19 Months Old

As a parent, I haven't figured out when to stop counting months for Connor's age. I'm pretty sure when he turns 2 that's IT!!! So for now he is 19 months old and here are the pictures we had made today. Connor is a busy little boy who loves to be outside doing whatever. Most days he is happy just dragging a stick around. He mimics words, does a lot of whining, and melts my heart. His new favorite thing to do is walk to the park and slide. We go almost everyday...sometimes more than once. I figure I better do things outside before it reaches 100 degrees. I will get pictures out as soon as I can.
It took a little warming up to the camera lady, but he got there. He is not to fond of the hat, but wearing it like Gomer Pile is his favorite. Nana and Papa got him new boots also!
James picked out the Easter outfit...he is a handsome little boy.
Gomer Pile...NOPE Connor Kelly!

I know that you can't see the bruises in these pictures, but we were healing from a rough encounter with the cement, then last night he "wiped Out" (Connor's loves to do) on his forehead. So now we have a red strawberry right between his eyes.

James and I love this picture. He is ready for the beach...and so am I!!!!

Well ,we hope that you enjoy the pictures. Have a great SUNDAY!!!