Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chicago to Houston to Home

Well since the last update Connor has gone to school for 3 weeks now. He is finally letting me drop him off in the car pool lane, which means that they come to the car and get him and escort him to the classroom. He cried the first day I did it and now all he says is "mommy will be right back, love you!" All he tells me about school is that "I wash my hands all by myself", that's all you did today Connor, "Yes, mommy". Did you play outside with Hayden?, "Oh, yes I did" is what he tells me!!! He comes home everyday with something he colored or made, I know that he is having fun and I am definitely getting lots done while he is at school.

A couple of weeks ago James, Connor, and I went to Chicago to attend James' cousins wedding. Mike and Kathy (James' parents also went). We had so much fun riding the train to the city, walking to Lake Michigan and hanging out with his parents! (I can't figure out why this is underlined...sorry)
Mommy and Connor at the Brooksfield Zoo in Chicago. This was a fantastic zoo!!!

Yep, that's the finger in the nose. We are definitely going through the terrible two's!

Connor, petting the goats at the zoo.

Daddy and Connor on the pier at Lake Michigan.

The giant bean in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Can you find Connor and I???

We just got home from Houston!!! Man, during the fall/TECH football season we travel and are on the GO!!! Connor has yet to get to actually go to a game, but we always take him and someone is always willing to watch him so that I can go to the game! We got to spend some time with Uncle John and Aunt Kiki and we also saw Uncle Ben, Krystal and Kylee!!! Although the game didn't end up in our favor we had fun and are glad to be home!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your week!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another chapter in a small boys life...

This morning I took Connor to meet his teacher and new friends at school. He will only be going two days a week. I think that I am ready to send him...I am, but I know when the time comes I will have a few fears. Mommy fears:

*will he cry
*will he EVEN miss me
*will he be the bully in the class
*will he want to go back
*is this making him grow up to fast

I know that he is only two and will be going to school for the rest of his life, but we (James and I) think that this will be good for him. My goal for this year is for Connor to learn to play independently and with others, and to learn to mind someone other than mommy and daddy!!!! With that said, I took a few pictures from the meet and greet this morning. Connor wanted to play at the park this morning before we left to go and meet his teacher.
His new school is the only school in Texas that is a registered outdoor learning center. He loved banging on the drums.

Connor and his Papa call Gatorade "tiger juice" and they act like different kinds of animals. At school this morning he was serving "tiger juice" to all the kiddos and teachers.

This is one of Connor's best buddies. Hayden will be in the room next to his. They are sharing a snack out on the patio at school.

We are gearing up for the big day next week, but before that, we are headed to DC and watch Tech's opening game!!!!

Wreck 'Em Tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!