Thursday, May 20, 2010

School Camp out

We love Connor's school!!!! I cannot say enough nice things about it, and how the staff is so wonderful with the kiddos. With that said they hosted a camp out. I got our name on the waiting list a little late and she called back and said there is not enough room for another tent, but we were more than welcomed to come and hang out and enjoy the festivities until "lights out". James was BUMMED!!! He loves to camp out and when it comes to this subject his and my ideas are completely DIFFERENT!!! He always tells people that my idea of roughing it is room service, and I think he could live out doors. Now since this is MY blog I get to defend myself...I don't HATE sleeping on the hard, cold/hot ground, with NO electricity and running water I just perfer NOT to!!! Especially now being 29 weeks pregnant getting up to put shoes on and find an bathroom at least 2 times a night is not my idea of a good time. Growing up we camped out and had a ball, but now that I am older and a little wiser I much prefer my soft bed with 700 pillows and a fan that runs on high with the ac on 70 and Connor's noise maker coming through the baby monitor!

Back on track...

So we ended up having a great time roasting marshmallows and eating smores, having a scavenger hunt, running around with flashlights, and of course eating hot dogs (gross)!!!! Connor's "girlfriend" from his class was there and they had their tent up and ready, later I found out they went home at about 11:15. So I am definitely glad we left about 8:45 and slept in our OWN BEDS!!!! (Idon't know why this is underlined)
Connor and Paige "looking" for thier items.

The kiddos are listening to a bubble story.

Connor and Paige playing house.

Yum! Connor didn't seem to like it as much as I did!!! He would rather have the parts of the smore all seperate.

"I'm not shinning this in her eyes, mommy!"

I know with a house full of boys camping is in my FUTURE, I just hope these boys all realize what my definition of camping is...We still are an undecided house about a name, so if you have any GOOD suggestions send them our way! We have 9 weeks to go:)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No News is GOOD news

I had my 27 week apt. today and everything went great. I am measuring up right on track. The weight was a little higher than I thought it should be, but I will thank the Schwan's man this week when he comes for that (darn ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!)! We have tentatively scheduled an induction date of July 26th!!! Exactly 12 weeks from yesterday. WOW, where has this pregnancy gone? I am so thankful the last 8 weeks have been uneventful. This time last pregnancy (Connor) I was on meds for pre-term labor. I am thankful that has not happened.

We still have no name, I'm a planner and this is driving me CRAZY!!! I know that we will all three come to a decision soon enough. James did a great job painting Connor's bedroom this past weekend. He also put the crib back together and all the bedding is set up. Now all I have to do are details in both boys rooms'.

School is coming to an end for Connor and we are gearing up for lots of swimming and having a great time! Connor and I went down to the HOA pool to put our feet in the water and "check" things out and there were CRAZY people swimming. It will be warm enough before to long and we will be those CRAZY people in the water!

Connor has said and done some funny things lately. He is so much fun. The other day I heard him talking to his toys and he told them that his best friend mommy would like to join them. Such a sweet boy. We were at Chick-fil-a a couple of days ago playing and he was the only one in the playroom. He saw some other kids eating/having a snack and looked at me and said "Why do they not want to play with me, mommy?" I told James and it broke our hearts. We are going to have a difficult time with this "growing up" stuff!!!!

Pictures of the bedrooms and growing belly will come soon. Have a great week!!!