Friday, February 19, 2010


Wow, most of you (those of you who read this) are probably wondering where I've been...sleeping, taking care of a vibrant 2 1/2 year old, vomitting, stuck inside due to 12 inches of snow. You name it, we have been doing it. I have to say life and sickness is MUCH, MUCH better!!! I am sure that the worst is behind me now, but not letting the Zofran to far out of my sight just in case!

Connor is doing great in school. His teacher tells me all the time he is the smartest little boy she knows, or maybe that's what I hear. He knows all his shapes, colors, ABC, and can count to 14. He loves school and is his happiest when he is out and about doing things with me. James and I just put him in a big boy bed (full size bed) and the first few nights were rough, but he loves that we can sit and read/play in his bed with him. He is fianlly willing to talk about the baby and has decided that he will share SOME of his toys not ALL of them. He is going to be a great big brother.

Baby News:
James finally got to make the 15 week apt. and talked the Dr. into doing a sonogram to "see" if we could determine the sex of the baby. With a lot of looking and lots of hums and ums Dr. White said 60/40 BOY!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know one in their right mind is okay with 60/40!!!! So we get to go back at 19 weeks and get another sonogram and the okay to leave for our big CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!! I think that with Connor I was completly ready with room and everything at 30 weeks, hopefully I'll get there with this one also. I'm a planner and I want everything ready in plenty of time, CRAZY I know!

Hopefully I'll down load some pictures tonight of all the snow and our recent outing with Daddy, Nana, and Papa to the Fort Worth Stock Show. Have a great Friday!!!