Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 What an awesome trip we just returned from...ALASKA!  We had so much fun and saw so many amazing things.  We ate great seafood, had a blast with family, and saw so much breathtaking scenery. 

We flew into Seattle and took the kids to Pike Market.  Ian decided he wanted to hold the crab and Connor didn't want to stink like fish.  This was a very fun place and the workers were beyond nice.  We also took the kids to the Space Needle.  The kids loved the ride up in the elevator.
 Leaving port in Seattle.
 Exploring the ship with the kiddos.  They both wanted to swim but the weather was a bit chilly for this mommy.
 James, Mike, John, and Connor took a helicopter ride and landed on a glacier in Juneau.  Connor loved hearing himself talk in the headphones. 
 The boys said this excursion was awesome.  The girls and little boys stayed in town and rode the tram to the top of the mountain in Juneau and explored the city.
 In Kitchikan the entire family took a train ride on the White Pass trail.  When we got into Canada we then took a bus into Yukon.  This is one of my favorite pictures and the background is beautiful.
Caribou Crossing, Yukon, Canada...This stop was a fun little "farm" where the kids got to see the sled dogs being trained for the Iditarod. 

 Holding the puppies.  The boys had a hard time giving their turn up.  So sweet.
 Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada
 We traveled through Glacier Bay, Alaska. 
 At our stop in Skagway we really didn't have a plan and the four of us stumbled upon the Lumberjack show.  They performed log rolling, climbing, and, of course, sawing.  During one part of the show the teams were having a competition to see who could cut their log into a bunny rabbit.  "Our" team captain actually decapitated the bunny and turned it into a stool for Ian.  We did end up buying a large tote bag to bring this very  cool stool home with us.                                 
Our team captain bringing Ian and the stool back to us:0)
 Victoria, Canada
We took a pedicab around the city and saw some amazing parks, homes, and churches.  This is in front of a little B&B.
 Feeding the peacocks in the park with our guide Chris.

I highly recommend this trip if the opportunity ever comes up we will go again.  Gods Beauty at its finest....

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